Mobile Apps for K-12 Learning

The following encompasses my personal top 5 choices for mobile apps useful in the context of k-12 teaching.

Voices allows students to create virtual tours of real locations around the world supplemented with audio guided information.

This is useful for teaching history, social studies, and any subject that might benefit from visual representations of significant locations.

iAmimation iApp

This application allows students to take, edit, organize, and manipulate photos to create an album project.

These can be stitched together to create a story book or type of linear story telling project. This would be helpful in all grade levels where the need to organize pictures to convey a message arise.


VoiceThread is a technology that allows students to create a virtual page containing pictures, videos, text, links, and presentations pertaining to any subject of their choosing.

It also facilitates sharing between students so students can visit each others' pages and promote group learning. This useful for planning between students in class or group projects.

Math Quiz for All Ages

This tool allows students to hone their math skills by practicing questions in bulk.
The range of questions for subjects and grade levels are diverse and therefore useful for a diverse range of student needs.

Further, it shines particularly well for the younger grades as problems can be combined with games to promote interactivity and fun.

Journal Jar

This mobile app requires students to tap or shake their phone and the app gives them a writing prompt. They are then required to write a short story or an essay based on the prompt within a 5-10 minute span.

This gives great opportunity for students to practice their creative or professional writing on-the-go. This would ultimately translate into more expressive and overall higher quality writing for students in all aspects of their education.

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