Describe the beliefs of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

By: Helen Fanta, Jackson Peddy, Cameron Sivji

The Communist Manifesto book

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  • Both Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels shared similar ideas on the problem associated with the capitalist system.
  • Both Marx and Engels both published a book called Communist Manifesto.
  • Marx published two analysis on revolutionary events in France. The books names were The Class Struggles in France (1850) and The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon (1852). He also continued his study of history and economics. In 1859, he published A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy and Das Kapital (1867).

View on capitalism

  • Both Karl and Friedrich believed that a society should be based on capitalism. They didn't want two classes fighting against each other, they just wanted the lower class to take charge and to take over.
  • Engles disliked the working conditions for the labor classes which he got to see and experience when he worked with a textile company. He published articles on the working conditions and political economy that involve the labor classes in order to make the general public more aware of what was happening and what needed to change.
  • Karl believed that the only way to stop the exploitation of the labor classes (lower class) is to revolt.

Who are the proletariat and what role should they have?

The lower class aka labor class trying to advance
  • Marxist Used The term proletariat to name the social class that does not have own a factory of production center. They can only sell their labor. Proletarians live from check to check. For Marx, wage labor involves getting a salary rather instead of a wage. Marxism sees the proletariat and bourgeoisie (capitalist class) as enemies since the proletariat wants their pay as high as possible the bourgeoisie want the wages as low as possible so they are natural enemies.

Describe Marx belief on the implementation of communism

They want communism to happen but it's never really worked out
  • Marx believed that once that final stateless and propertyless stage had been reached they have achieved true communism.
  • Marx formed the International Working Men's Association, an organization dedicated to spreading the message of communism to the workers of the world.




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