Wilfrido Chaidez

To me family is having a complete family, loving each other, and having trust between each other.  

-In 1984 the totalitarian government wanted to control the families in Oceania so that they didn't progress.

- Eliminating individual importance

-Rising kids to love the party


-Communication in a family is very important, if there's no communication then  the family is  going  to break down.

-Talking about problems.

-School, grades, athletics etc.  

- Address the importance of education.

-Talk about drugs and sex.  

A question I had about family was "Why do kids misbehave"?

-I found that work has an affect on kids behaviors, because for example if mom is at home with the kids, and dad is at work most of the time, it could be that the kids respect mom less, meaning they need a male figure at home more.

Other reasons why kids misbehave-

-The way they are treated.

-Coping parents behaviors

-limits and boundaries

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