Ebola outbreak: U.S. Travel Quarantines Could Deter Health Workers

By : CBC News Press

Last Updated : October 26, 2014

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Summary -

Top infectious disease experts now think the 21-day quarantining period of Ebola is unnecessary and scares off new volunteers to aid danger zones.  New Jersey, New York, and Illinois have adopted mandatory quarantining for all medical workers and volunteers returning from Ebola danger zones.  Kaci Hickox, a nurse who contracted the Ebola virus and quarantined in New Jersey, believes the quarantining process is inhumane.  Another victim, Thomas Eric Duncan, contracted the virus and died under the process to quarantine him.  In addition to Duncan, 75 Dallas hospital workers were forced to agree to not to go into public spaces or use public transit.  New York agreed to the quarantining process after a doctor who became infected while helping those in Guinea went bowling and ate at a restaurant during his quarantine period.  Florida has become the fourth state to practice the mandatory quarantining process for volunteers coming home from Ebola-stricken areas.

Related Ideals -

The ideals involved with the breakout of Ebola in the U.S. are rights and opportunity.  The rights of Ebola victims in the U.S. are limited in the quarantining process.  Victims are expected to stop their lives for 21 days and live in their quarantined areas.  Forcing the victims into mandatory quarantining processes for the safety of others does not guarantee the safety of those victims, and they are the ones who have just contracted a virus that could potentially be fatal.  The other ideal related to the Ebola outbreak is opportunity.  in the U.S., those who have contracted the virus have a better opportunity to return to their healthy state.  In areas like Africa, the supplies and medical staff are in no shape to help the amount of cases of Ebola in that area.  the laboratories in the U.S. are also better equipped to study and analyze the virus than temporary labs set up in danger zones.

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