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Classroom Management Systems

April 13th, 2015

So as I walk around making sure students are diligently working on their Canterbury Tales paper. BAM!!! A hand goes!!!

"Mrs. Lane can I use one of my powers to get an extension on the paper?" a student eagerly asks.

"Sure" I say. Next thing I know I have students logging on to Classcraft left and right.

About a year ago I discovered a great tool to use for classroom management. Since I have been playing around with the concept of gamification for a year or so I fell upon a tool called Classcraft.

In a traditional video game style it you can earn Experience Points (XP) for doing good things, lose Health Points (HP) for doing not so great things, earn Gold Pieces (GP) for doing really great things and use Action Points (AP) to learn powers that might help you in class. The powers they can learn are customizable by you and can include things like "Ask the teacher if a question on your test is right or wrong". There are also things like Events of the Day, Discussion Boards, Customizable Armor and Collaborative Team Building. This is one of the tools I use but here are some others.

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