Algernon Debate

I think that it is not right to change people's intelligence using drugs is not humane and should not be used. Drugs might influence people's behavior or change their personality.  It might also cost a lot of money and be very hard to use, or get drugs to help people get smarter. An alternative option would be to take classed to help people increase their IQ similar to Charlie in the story. There should also be another alternative to increasing people's IQ scores. I am on the con side of this debate.

"An individual's IQ score remains relatively constant across their lifespan. Recently researchers have been addressing a different type of stability (or instability) in IQ scores--the fact that IQ scores have been steadily increasing in developed countries over the past 50 or 60 years. The so-called "Flynn effect" provides for an interesting discussion of environmental and cultural impact on IQ. The effect is named after political scientist James Flynn, who has researched this effect extensively. Azar (1996) reports in the APA Monitor on a recent (1996) conference of experts that focused on reasons for the Flynn effect. The APA-sponsored conference was titled "Intelligence on the rise: secular changes in IQ and related measures."  Introductory Psychology

"Researchers who study intelligence say scores around the world have been increasing so fast that a high proportion of people regarded as normal at the turn of the century would be considered way below average by today's tests. Psychologists offer a variety of possible explanations for the increase, including better nutrition, urbanization, more experience with test taking, and smaller families. Some even say that television and video games have made children's brains more agile." MSUWeb

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