A free verse poem has no specific rules to it. They usually tells a story using the rhythm of natural speech. The poet has the choice of choosing the length, rhythm, and topic of the poem. They have complete control of the poem, which is what makes it a free verse poem. A free verse poem usually has a musical tone to it, or it can be set to music. Free verse poems are super easy to write and are easy to convey a message because of the simplicity of free verse poetry.

BY: Axel Martinez

Running through the dark
lights and trees whipping past.
Claws shred the earth
and fur blows in the wind.
Fangs drenched in blood
my core burning in rage.
Wolves are extremly loyal
but just as posessive as well.
I'm her pet and she's
MY master as well.
curling at her feet, it feels nice.....
to be so close.
I nudge her leg gently with my muzzle
and look up into her golden eyes.
I'm happy she cares about me....
So rare...
Night is my domain
and my mistress.