"In everything you do, do it for the glory of God."

1 Corinthians 10:31

I Believe

I believe in the love of God,

the bonds of family,

the power of prayer,

the importance of loss,

the calm of fall,

freedom, passion, honesty,

But I don’t believe in the fact people can’t change,

I believe in friendship,

I believe in being cheerful,

I believe in doing your best,

love, peace, hope,

And I believe in standing up for what you believe in and following your dreams.

My Personal Credo

     In life, I always attempt to live by one saying, “In everything you do, do it for the glory of God.” My credo is a verse from the Bible, 1 Corinthians 10:31.This verse is saying that whatever we do, whether it’s playing sports, doing schoolwork, anything, we should do it to please the Lord and to share his word. This saying helps me make decisions by making me take time to think about how it would impact others and myself. It makes me think about how God would feel and how it would impact my future.

     Since I was young, I grew up going to church. Most Sunday’s I was in preaching and Sunday School, on Wednesday’s I was in choir and GA’s, and now I’m in youth. I’ve been taught many Bible stories over the years, but one verse always stuck with me, 1 Corinthians 10:31. When I was about seven I began going to church camps, and this verse came up again. It seemed like no matter where I went this verse was there, and after a while I grew to really love it and live by it.

     This verse is very important to me because it really sums up my life goals. It shows many different things, it shows that we shouldn’t be selfish, that everything ties back to the Lord, and most of all that the Lord is sovereign and deserves all glory. I believe it is important to stick to this belief because one day we will be reunited with the Lord and we should share his word to allow others to be there too. Also, I believe that because the Lord does so much for us, we should show him praise.

     At this point in my life, I really can’t know if my credo will change, hopefully it won’t. Right now, as I continue to go to church, pray, go to church events, and surround myself with Christian people, I can see it evolving. I can see my relationship with Christ strengthening and my desire to serve him as well. In the future, I could see college impacting this, but not completely changing it. Many Christians when they go off to college they slack off and don’t spend as much time with the Lord. I believe that this credo will greatly impact my future. If I stay close to the Lord and give him Glory he will guide me on the correct paths to do what he has planned for me.

     In conclusion, this credo is significant to me because it connects me to the Lord and is a reminder to me. I would share this credo with others because we are called to go out and share God’s word, but I would not charge it on them. I would tell them my credo and teach them about it but not force it upon them. This credo would be beneficial for many people to learn because lots of people do everything to gain glory for themselves and others don’t know Christ.

By Abby Bland

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