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Come to new and improved Athens!

Our appearance

What kind of society we now have

Athens,  recently burned to the grounds by the Persians, have just created a new and improved Athens. This society is full of great and wondrous things. Such as, the amazing architecture, interesting philosophy's, competitive sports, brilliant discoveries of science and mathematics, and  fantastic theatrical performances. I think you will find it quite reassuring.     

Yours Truly , Pericles

Amazing Architecture

One of Greeks greatest talents in architecture is building temples. Most temples are made for gods and goddesses. This is important to the us because it shows balance and order in our idea of beauty. There are 3 types of columns used for the temples. Doric - oldest and simplest, Ionic - thin and has spirals, and Corinthian - complex and decorative. There are many different sized temples, but the basic shape was similar. Most of them had a main room with a statue of the temple’s god or goddess. Don't believe us? Then your just going to have to come and see for yourself!

Greeks Philosophy's

In the agora, men gather to discuss the world around them. Some things they talk about are nature, trading ideas, and how the world works. They also talk about the  things in life, such as justice, truth, beauty, and the meaning of life. One the best known philosophers I've ever met was Socrates. He challenged people to answer their own questions by asking them a question, such as “what is the good life for a man?” “what is the truth?” and “how do you know?” Even if it seemed he was all knowing, he was actually a fraud. Can you believe it? He was brought to trial and accused guilty and sentenced to death by forcing him to drink Hemlock.

Still after his death, Socrates inspired many other Greek thinkers, especially his student Plato who then inspired one of his students when he was older. I bet Socrates would "inspire" you to come visit Athens and learn more about philosophy's!  

Competitive Sports

We often hold athletic events to honor the gods and goddesses. Games are held as part of the Panathenaea, a festival that honors the goddess Athena. The games include many events, such as horse and chariot races, and footraces. The games also include combat sports, like boxing and wrestling. The event called the Pancratium include fighting to the death. They were allowed to punch, kick, and even choke each other. The fight ended when one player surrendered, lost consciousness, or died. Winner was rewarded with a crown of wreath laurel leaves and given pots of olive oil. Come on! Who wouldn't want to see that?

Another very important set of games are honored by the god Zeus, called the Olympics, these games are so important to us that we call a truce from all wars so that athletes can travel safely to the games. So if your a pretty athletic person, and you like to see some competition once in a while, you should come see our Greek games!

Discoveries of Greek science and mathematics

Our understanding of the body is limited. The early Greeks believed that cutting people open would offend the gods. But the we made new discoveries over time. Medical students are now able to name and describe organs inside the body. They discovered that the heart was a pump that sent blood flowing through the body. They also learned that the brain was the center of the nervous system. I believe a Greek scientist named Aristarchus was the first person to suggest that Earth moves around the sun. When others believed that Earth was the center of the universe. Another Greek astronomer was Hipparchus, who was called the greatest astronomer of the ancient world. He studied and named more than 850 stars, and figured out the distance between the moon and sun.

When we're not dealing with science, we look for logical answers to nature’s mysteries. Most greek scientist find these answers in mathematics. Pythagoras believed that numbers were the key to understanding nature. Many of us were fascinated by geometry, (Including me.) Which in reality means " to measure land. " We also created new and improved methods. Using geometry, we figure out how much seed to buy for planting a field or how to lay out a city. Euclid, another famous greek mathematician created a geometry textbook that became the basis for the teaching of it for more than 2,000 years. So if your much of a brainiac as I am myself, you will love to discover the new methods of mathematics and science.     

Fantastic Theatrical Performances

Theater is a part of daily Athenian life. The Dionysus theatre can hold thousands of people. Greek plays grew out of the songs and dances that they performed at harvest time to honor Dionysus,(god of theatre and wine.) We began to write plays that told stories. There are a few main characters and a chorus. There are no women actors in ancient Greece. But I sure do hope so in the future! Men play all characters, even female parts! Which is why we wear mask, to hide our face if we're playing a woman's part, and to show different emotions. The stage is in a bowl-like shape so that everyone can hear what is going on. Scenery is painted on canvas and hung behind the actors. most performances are involved in competitions. (Which are really entertaining.) Judges choose winners in 4 categories: tragic playwrights, comic playwrights, leading tragic actor, and leading comic actor. Winners receive olive leaf crowns, and also figs and wine. So if you think you have all the entertainment you need, think again! Come to Athens and watch our fantastic performances!  

Have I, Pericles, persuaded you enough?

If not, watch this video that says it all!

Time to Travel!

So as you can see, there's many mysterious mysteries  to unlock in Athenian society, which is why I think you should come and visit Athens! And besides, you would be visiting one of the many countries that's made a ton of advancements in your daily life today. Such as:

  • Architecture - Where would we be today if it weren't for the Greeks decorative statues and buildings. And don't forget about the same 3 types of columns you still use. In  fact, the Washington state Capital building has used the Corinthian columns for the main entrance, sides, and top level of the building.    
  • Philosophy's - If it weren't for Socrates, you would have probably never challenged yourselves to be problem solvers, like when teachers ask you to do when you ask them a question.
  • Sports: Soccer, baseball, tennis, football, track, basketball, swimming. Those are many of the sports you play today that have improved in the Athena games and the one show on television you all enjoy to watch, the Olympic games. Can you believe that's where it all started?  


  • Math and Science: If it weren't for Euclid's genius book about Geometry, today's teachers wouldn't have enough information about much of the basics that you learn, and what about science? Your society knows more than you can imagine with some of the astronomers from Greek, such as, Aristarchus - the first person to suggest that the earth moves around the sun, and Hipparchus - the first person to discover the distance between the moon and sun.
  • Theatre: Where would entertainment and comedy be today if Greek hadn't been so into acting. You take our backdrops you use for performances from what we started with painted canvas backdrops. And did you know the masks Greeks used for shows symbolizes todays theatre!?     

So What are you Waiting for?

Come on down to the experience of a life time in Athens, Greece!

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