I have a mom, dad, 2 brothers (1 older 1 younger), and an older sister. My older brother is 21, my younger one is 6, and my sister is 17. I also have a cat and a dog, i'm not sure what kind of cat i have but she has a lot of fur and she's black and white, my dog is all black except for a little white dot right above her mouth, she is a cheegal. My dog's name is Isis and my cat's name is destiney.

3 things about Me :D

I like a different types of music

The only types of music that i don't really like are opera, screamo, and folk music. I listen to old music (ACDC, Guns n' Roses, the Beatles, etc...), and i also listen to some newer music by singers like Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry. I also like some bands like Panic at the Disco, Evanesence, and Greenday. The last 2 types of music that i can think of right now are country and rap (Carrie underwood and Eminem).

Favorite T.V Shows

I have several different t.v shows that i love and would die if i missed an episode. My top favorite show is Teen Wolf, the show isn't on right now but it's coming back on June 24th and i am sooo excited, it's going to be their 5th season( it is going to be a 2 part season :D). Another show that i like is Criminal minds, and i also really like Supernatural. Though there are more shows that i really like those are the top 3.

Favorite actor

My favorite actor is Dylan O'brien. He plays Stiles on Teen Wolf  and was in the movie The Maze Runner (i read the  book for the the movie and loved it). He is a great actor and i really liked all the things that he was in except for the first thing he was in called "High Road".

3 Goals!

1. Get my license and get a car.

2. Go to college.

3. Become rich and have to do nothing for the rest of my life.

If i could go anywhere i would want to go to comicon in california

I would want to go to comic con in California because lots of actors from my favorite tv shows go there. I also want to go there because the weather seems really nice and i really want to see if i can get a tour of the sets for shows.

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