Science should be used to alter peoples intelligence because people could study and work better. says, “The college crowd calls memory enhancing pills “study drugs.” They’ve become popular to help increase learning ability and retention.They also enable students to go extended periods without sleep so they can cram for exams. Many claim these substances give them the edge they need to keep up with demanding studies.” This shows that brain enhancing pills help people focus and work when they are in college.

Also, if everybody took them we would have an overall smarter world and could achieve incredible things. The Dana Foundation says, “Finally, we must consider coercion. Should we allow people to be forced to undergo direct cognitive enhancement? The example of free education suggests one answer: Sometimes we should. Countries make primary education not only universally accessible but universally compulsory. Some enhancements might be so safe and so powerful that, like reading, writing, and arithmetic, they should be required.” This shows that we should consider requiring people to take these brain enhancement pills for the sake of a smarter world.

This video effectively informs people of the many advantages and little disadvantages of these "smart pills" by providing facts.


Overall we think that these smart pills could be a great thing for the world but maybe still need some improving. For example, nobody would want to take these pills if they have bad side effects. And, they could never be required when they have bad side effects.