Ms. Patterson

Ms. Patterson

Ms. Patterson is the best teacher a kid could possibly have! Even though I am only half way through the school year she probably has taught me the most things I need to know! I love Ms. Patterson and would not be as smart as I am now without her!


A pink rose

Ms. Patterson reminds me of a pink rose! First of all, her favorite color is pink and second of all she is sweet, loving, and as pretty as a rose! I can definitely see why her favorite color is pink: because pink calms you down and makes  you happy.

An Apple

An apple

An apple represents academics and Ms. Patterson teaches and is very smart! She is very good with handling kids! (I am not saying names)

A microphone

a microphone

Ms. Patterson has the best voice someone could have! She is the best mentor I could have when it comes to singing because she is so encouraging!

A Heart

A heart

Ms. Patterson is so loving and I think everyone who knows her should be proud to know her because she is amazing!!

Class Dojo

Class Dojo

Ms. Patterson spends half of her time managing behavior and that is always on Class Dojo. She gives everyone a fair amount of dojo's and can always have a reason for giving it to them!

By: Ella #3

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