Unfinished Oak Floors – A Homeowners Dream

Whether you are redesigning your home or constructing a new one.. The flooring of our home will be the one factor that will bring your entire decor together, uniting it into one single cohesive unit. This is why most decorators put much emphasis on making this one, all important choice. And this is why the market for designer flooring offers this much variety to choose from.

The most recent trend that has been catching on in the market has been about unfinished oak floors. People simply love the amount of variety and creative freedom that this option offers. Fact of the matter is, hardwood floors have always been all time favourites because of the amazing looks they are able to create for the interiors of any space. They offer a finish that is completely unmatched. But even amongst the different types of hardwood types available, unfinished oak deserves a special mention.

The think about unfinished oak floors is that this variety can actually lend itself to your own tastes, allowing you to experiment with it and unleash your creative side to the maximum. There are many reasons behind this fact.

Since the wood is unfinished, you can stain in it any manner you think fit with the look and feel of your interiors.

The fact that you are using oak wood has its own advantages. The wood is naturally light enough to allow for staining it in a variety of colours. Every shade from the natural light to mahogany dark is possible with this wood.

It allows you to get the look you need in an amount that is much lesser than the original wood. Buying Cherry or Mahogany wood would otherwise be a huge burden on your pockets. But buying unfinished oak floors and staining them to resemble the dark shades of mahogany will be a much more affordable option.

Untreated wood will always be cheaper than finished planks as that final step of bringing to flooring material into its finished state is still missing. Getting this job done on your end will allow you to enjoy savings on labour costs as well.

Often the extra cost of staining and treating the wood to get it the way you want it is less than the cost of the real wood and the only really noticeable difference in the long run is the impact on your check book.

Unfinished oak flooring allows you to experiment with both types and shades and find out the one that suits your taste the best

These days people are preferring the lighter shades of oak to the darker hues of cherry much more. It makes the room look more airy and filled with light, creating the visual effect of more space and openness. Try it.. You will love what oak can do to your room.

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