Photographer/ wedding planner
Kelsey Olson Career Research project

Photographer Is a person who takes pictures for people, Of weddings, family, plants, vacations, sports, etc.  Education bachelors degree would be helpful, know how to edit photos. salary 55936 per year. College University of Miami, New York university.

Wedding planner is someone who plans out a couples wedding and makes everything happen and books everyone. Education Don't need to go to collage but know how to plan and keep inside budget, Know what looks good be able to talk to people. Salary 100000 per year. College Kaplan university, Grand Canyon university, Capella university.

I think this career would also be a good one for me because its something I have always done/ wanted to do. I would like to be a photographer because taking pictures is something that interests me I like to do pics of scenery and of people. I wanted to be a wedding planner because I love weddings, everything about them. I love all the detail and planning and enjoyment that goes behind planning a wedding.If its even close to some of the movies and how they portray it I know i will love and enjoy this career.

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