Psion series

The psion series is in my opinion the best series of them all, it is my favorite book and series ever. It starts with Psion Beta where a 14 year old juvenile and is friends are caught stealing pizza and he accidentally uses his Psionic ability. He is then recruited and there begins his whirlwind of great experiences and terrible tragedies. He realizes he must grow up a little faster then most kids. After having gone through torture and many other difficult choices he is facing one of his greatest enemies, a man named fox. After he beats the man in a mental test of strength he learns that his  base as been destroyed and him and his remaining friends must join the resistance and plan a way to cripple the evil CAG. The fifth and final book is yet to be made , but I can not wait for the great finale to the epic story of Sammy Berhane. There is so much more that I have not said about this series , but it is to great to describe.

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3 years ago

Psionic ability sounds pretty sweet :)