Is the largest country in the world. The Russian Federation has an area of 17,075,400 square kilometers, more than the ninth of the Earth's land surface, with a variety of reliefs and natural environments.

the largest country in the world


is the federal capital and most populous city in Russia. Moscow is second largest city after Istanbul Europe.

Moscow has always been linked to sport.the Russian capital with facilities of the highest standard as Luzhniki Stadium.En Moscú hay multitud de deportes que gozan de un gran éxito entre la población. El fútbol, evidentemente, es uno de ellos, a la vez que el baloncesto, el hockey sobre hielo o el ajedrez.

Among the most famous are the Moscow Kremlin, the strength of the czars, it houses several palaces like the Grand Palace and the Palace faceted, plus several churches such as the Annunciation or of Ivan III of Russia, also known as Ivan the Great. Surrounding the buildings are the Wall, including the Kremlin towers.

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