Cholesterol : What to Know
     - Jake Gibson

What is cholesterol? What types of cholesterol are there? Are they good or bad?

This is a molecular breakdown of a cholesterol molecule. Cholesterol is a waxy, fat like substance that is found in the blood, and other places throughout the body.

Types of Cholesterol

There are two main types of cholesterol found in the body.

HDL: High Density Lipoproteins

LDL: Low Density Lipoproteins

As you can see, LDL is not the best for your body to have large amounts of. HDL's main job is to counteract LDL, which is why HDL is very important to the body

This can be somewhat shown as the LDL coming in and blocking the arteries, while HDL is working to remove the clogging and counteract the damage LDL is doing

How Much Cholesterol?

Normal levels of cholesterol depend on what type of cholesterol it is because some is good for you while some is bad. Let's take a look at what your body should have:

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