Captain Cook

The 18th Century explorer
~The Great Adventure to the unknown~

The Voyage

HMS Endeavour, Whitby-built and strong, and the best ship to navigate. The adventure begins. The skeptical idea of the British government, their ideas for us to explore and travel to the southern-hemisphere because Venus is due to pass in front of the sun. I was chosen as the Captain of this ship.

The expedition was first journeyed, as we left in August 26th, 1768. The journey was yet thrilling as we went and gone to the island 'Tahiti'. My voyage was yet made more discoveries on the way, blasted and amazed.

My life

Now I come from a small village near Middlesbrough in Yorkshire. Yet I moved to the coast, settling Whitby as I was finding work with a coal-merchant when I was 17.

-1775: I enlisted in the Royal Navy, in North America. Learning, charting coastal waters.

My father was a farmer, a good bloke and a well going chap. Nothing much I else know. A year later I have been chosen Commander of the ship HMS Endeavour for a expedition into a journey. That's all the that I could say, the treacherous

"The First Voyage" August, 1768

The first sail from England, exciting and a trip of a life time I can say. All is good, the month has been very well prepared. I say farewell to England to the age of my century.

My crew are going well nothing bad. The weather, really choppy or even just a good old rotten blasted winds will not spoil anything really. Reaching "In the middle of the ocean" I would say. My crew are very well which some of having the sea sickness, tired, or just bored. One of our ship mates on the top mast spotted, 'Land'!

In excitement we travelled more south of the Americas. Well weather, hot and peaceful breezes it was like paradise. Yet we are shipping off again. Reaching near the tip of South Africa, windy, yet choppy waters with the sirens of the great thunder claps. Yet I am scared, In my cabin, my quarters. I Captain Cook. Setting off to more to the west of the south of my voyage, this is the best thing I ever felt. Freely with the channel, if that even exists where I was headed.

Choppy Waters

The Down Under discovery

The weather seems more calm and even, hotter, as if I've walked through the farm in a cold day then in the house where the fire was blazing with heat. It was a great feeling. My men were feeling the same way, some were sick, some were tired that they actually slept under the mast where the shade cooled under the sun's light. As we sailed, we distanced and saw some blurred object. I have no clue what it was. Climbing the top mast with the sight of one of the top-mast crew on top (Which clearly he looked he'd been drinking or just he's on shut-eye) looking through, Land!

The men waking up, few groaning or have that ill wit looks that've been late drinking. I don't drink but when I do my scurvy actions are not taken. As the blurry object looks like, a Island. very big as I would presume. The afternoon was on us, we will arrive the shores by tomorrow morning as I presented my crew.

Entries 1 of 2 "New Zealand"

As morning rising, well it was a bit eerie at first as I woke up writing now at my quarters. New land was first arise in my mind as I thought about yesterday. the 'Endeavour was in good shape, so is the crew. Not like yesterday, more like a tired bartender in the pub. We now sail and ship to the shores of our discovery. As I am writing this sentence and the ones few below this one, I am ported and shipping off on the crew boat well as the others, few of my best men were left behind to keep guard. As i thought, we should go back and exchange to have a fair go so every crew member of the HMS Endeavour' to have a bit of the adventure on land.

As we arrived, we were yet excited and a bit excited. We came across as I would presume in my eyes. "My lord" one crew mate said, "God save the Queen! We…" shouted at the back of one of the boats. It was a village. Tribal, yet in my men's faces there was a face that looked familiar which explained to myself as they would say, "savages", to them as in the eyes but some. We were yet visited by boats of warriors, markings on their body. At first it seemed like a threat but I first great myself to one of their men. We yet approach shore.

Natives approach us'

Entries 2 of 2 "New Zealand"

As I on the boat approached on shore, we were yet greeted like we were gods, some thought we were devils but others thought we were some tribal clans from the other side as their elders claim. To put it into words, we were welcomed into a hut, made out of straw, leaves, and mud. It seemed to be somebody's house. Yet, we were seated, on the floor, given permission by the clan leader. Seemed like a warrior, tattoo markings, with jewellery of some kind but not gold or diamond. It was seem that we were trading with them with goods. We went outside looking at the village, simple and calm. I asked the clan leader to sit in a row, I wanted to sketch what happened. I wanted to sketch more. So I did.

Journey to the South-West

Map of the Island."Year 1770"

As we went, the natives waved good-bye to us, for visiting them. Few fishermen boats guided us from the rocks, once the clan leader claimed to said that it was that the big waves will wipe us out on to the rocks, crashing, it was a frightening thought. till we were led out, I wanted to mark around the island. The father we go, I claimed and sketched the map of this unmarked land. till a few days I set off to the south west. Stormy seas, clapping thunder, yet again the blasted winds, a wailing siren of cold pouring rain, and choppy waters. I haven't seen this happen before, I changed the course of the journey further north of the south yet we were still going south if we could go and arrive the South-East Indies. Hunger arises but we had fish from the natives which we traded with, delicious and intrigued to this culinary of the natives on that island, It was filling.

Sun blazes, the storm has died off. we were setting for land. I was asleep in my quarters. We yet landed to yet a island. seemed more sparse. I yet boated on shore, exclaiming with the beautiful sight, claiming it to be called the part 'Botany Bay".

Natives, seemed more savage like than the first encounters, yet we greeted them politely yet their was a pointed-edged stick was thrown, nearly hitting us. Ignoring us, Neither the less, I claimed it, a curve-throwing stick was yet thrown hitting one of my men, probably he insulted the native with a grin, the cook who'd been hit. The stick yet was returned to the thrower by some kind of weapon. Hoisting the flag, the Union flag, for England. The land of our Queen, "God save the Queen!" I exclaimed.

Yet we trailed the land. It seemed large and yet entirely not like a Island. The bushes, the trees seemed to look like to be sparse from far as I can see. Even using the great spyglass. As one my crew members, some astronomers for the expedition of the Venus objective. Camping the night, looking at the night sky, as I'm writing my entry, the astronomer wanted to ask if that we could go a bit further to see the location of the planet Venus. I claimed to said yes later on. Success, though we saw the natives. Dancing, music of as I claim to be there stories as the other natives circled around a fire. As morn arises we shipped off to the South-East Indies, yet the were claimed by the Dutch far as I can say. I better be careful. Days have passed as I write, this was the most thrilling time of my life.

~Capt. James Cook~

---------------------------Last Entry April, 1770 ----

The hoist for the British Empire in the name of the Queen.

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