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In a interview using the German Bild, the broker of German star Goetze rebuked Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola, saying the latter ruined Goetze.

In Dortmund, Goetze is a vital part of the offensive team, playing with the hands of Guardiola, he doesn't seem to suffer reuse. Goetze's agent Walker Manchester Rutter said: "Guardiola ruined Goetze, Goetze sensed to Buy WoW Gold, the coach wouldn't trust him, however , if he played, he was asked for being decisive."

Lancaster Beirut also noted that Guardiola only fielded Goetze in a few easy game, and does not trust him the leading event . "Goetze only play some easy games, I'd been surprised, Not a soul in fastrsandcheapfifa realized it, no person to defend Goetze. I was surprised, within the German Cup final, the important match within the Champions League semi-final, Guardiola would not use Goetze. "

Lancaster Beirut also feel that Bayern now have to have a stronger leader. "Bayern need such a figure as Hoeness. "