Getting Started with Screen Printing

If you are accessing this assignment in the month of December (before we leave for Winter Break), then you need to make sure that you have all assignments complete before completing this!

Step 1
Design your Image 8 1/2"x 11"! It must be simple!
(Photoshop or Illutrator)

Since this is your first attempt at a print,  limit fine lines.  Design your image in such a way that it would work well as a sillhouette.  You may use an illustration or text, or a combination of both.  

We will begin by learning 1 color in a DIY process.
your Design should be Black only!!!!

Here are some links to help you create a silhouette, if needed.

Step 2
Submit your image to be printed.

Your image will need to be copied onto a sheet of transparency film.  Upload the image to Edmodo as a .PDF.  It must be a solid color of black.

Step 3
Prepare your frame

You will need a photo frame.  If it has the glass and backing, remove it.  

Remove the mounting accessories.

Step 4
Cut a Piece of Mesh/Sheer Fabric

Be careful not to cut more than you need. You only need enough to strech across your frame.

Be sure to remove the hardware (those little black tabs that hold the mounting accessories).

Step 5
Stretch the fabric across the Frame and Staple

Start at each corner...(Then move across the frame).

Be sure to pull tight!  Don't tear the fabric though!!

Be sure that you don't have much give in the fabric, otherwise it will be a disaster!

Student example: Fnal result! Be sure to start with the corners! -Talk to me if you don't understand

Step 6
Cover the edges with duck tape

The Duck Tape creates a barrier for the frame against water and paint.  This way you can wash and reuse the frame.  The inside of the frame has an indention.  Be sure to tape inside this area, but touch the mesh!

Then tape over the staples and any other area where the frame is exposed.

Get inside the low areas! Tape all the way to the fabric!
Be sure that you aren't able to see the tape from the front.

Step 7
Cover with Photo Emulsion

You will need to take the squeegee and carefully cover all of the screen with the photo emulsion.  Be sure not to have too much!!!

Step 8
Let Dry in the Dark Room

You'll need to let it sit in the dark room until the next class period...or at least an hour later.  Remember the light burns the emulsion to make it stay in the fabric...if it drys in the light you won't be able to burn your graphic.

Step 9
Burn the Image

You'll need the transparency, glass to fit over the tranparency (be careful), and your complete frame.

Lay the transparency over the frame.  Be careful to lay it down the right way, or your image will be backward!!!!

Step 10
Wash Out The Excessive Emulsion

This takes patience.  You will begin to see the area where the emulsion did not burn.  The water will begin to remove this.  

Now let it dry!!!

Once it's dry you can begin to make prints.  At first..start by practicing.

Once your sure of yourself, you can bring in a shirt, or some type of fabric to print on.

You'll also have an assignment of creating fine art with your print.  I tell you more about that in a different assignment post.

Resource links: