Agents ofSocialization


When I was growing up my parents wanted me to be involved and not sit around the house. So they had me try different types of activities such as Dance, basketball, Softball, and Piano. Also I learned that when I had a dress on, I had to make sure that I had my legs crossed. Also as a child my parents made sure that our family went on a lot of family vacations. We went to Florida, Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, New York, And all other types of places. My parents wanted us to experience things they didn't get to experience as a child. As a child I also went to church every Sunday and I still do. We also celebrated most holidays like Easter and Christmas. But we also grew up watching Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

My favorite television show as a child


When I First Started going to school I was so excited. My first day of kindergarten I was so nervous to go but once I started everything changed. I wanted to fit in with Everyone and do everything that all the other kids were doing. So I made sure all that I fit in. I also wanted to get really good grades and never wanted to get anything lower than a B. Now that has changed. I feel that school shapes a person into who they are. I remember I hated having to ask to go to the bathroom but I realized the teacher just needed order.

A video we watched in fourth grade and I still remember it

Peer Groups

When I was younger my peer groups would be my friends from church. I saw them every Sunday and Wednesday and I feel that they had a impact on me. Another group I was part of was basketball teams. I played basketball from the time I was about 4 years old till 8th grade. I was also on softball teams for a couple of years. I also danced for a long time. My parents put me in a lot of extra curricular activities so I wasn't just sitting around the house.

Some of the drills I did when I played softball

Mass Media

In my childhood the most media that I had was a computer and a television. Now I feel that media has really evolved and is a lot faster. I feel that media started with the newspaper. Then the television was the next step. Now I feel that social media is the most popular way of media. Teenagers and adults are on social media now. And social media can be used to harm a person or it can be used to benefit someone. You have to be responsible with social media. So media is a good source to get information from.

This is a song I learned before I saw the movie. I learned this song from seeing it on social media.

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