I have been reading the book of mice and men. I have noticed that the author us that disabled people are treated unfairly and differently because they are sometimes not as capable as others. Steinbeck uses characters to show the cultural assumption in the book. This is shown when George

(one of the protagonists, a small man, dark face, with slender arms and small hands) calls Lennie an "idiot" because he always gets them into trouble like when he gets them kicked out of the last ranch in weed for touching a girls skirts. Also when George treats Lennie like a child (page 17). e.g. when George and Lennie arrive at the ranch they are spoken to by the ranch owner who thinks that Lennie is different and asks why he doesn’t talk. He says "he aint much of a talker." when Steinbeck uses the assumptions it makes the reader feel sorry for Lennie and makes with your favourite character. Steinbeck challenges the assumption because we are meant to feel sorry for Lennie and think that George is really mean.

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2 years ago

The cultural assumption is outlined and described pretty clearly. The examples help to understand the cultural assumption. I can see that the author has used the character George to challenge this cultural assumption. No comments are made about how the time and place where the novel was written had an impact on what was written however. I can identify the author of the novel and that they challenge the cultural assumption.I could not find any distinct similarities or differences between Of Mice and Men and Catcher in the Rye.