How Can Recycling Save Mother Earth ?

Today we are aware of how recycling can help earth from destroying but the question is whether we are implementing it in our daily routine and saving the life of living beings or not? We dispose huge amounts of garbage everyday which is harming the ozone layer present on the earth. Before it’s too late we should think about it and take serious actions regarding this issue and the best way to do it is through reusing and recycling materials.

Recycling helps in minimizing the pollution which is causing harm to the important components of the Earth. Pollution is one of the major cause of destroying ozone layer. It is created when we burn huge amounts of trash and the harmful gases produced from it damage the mother earth as well as human beings. The toxic produced from the waste materials cause diseases like cough, asthma and other respiratory problems which are hazardous for human health. In order to prevent these problems we should use brown bags instead of plastic bags and recycle them to save the life of humans as well as Earth.

Recycling of natural resources may also help to save the earth from destruction. We should encourage more greenery in our surroundings instead of deforestation. In order to stop this activity we should recycle paper material so that no more trees are destroyed to fulfill our requirements. By deforestation we are simply wasting our natural resources which are scarce and a time might come when we are left with nothing.

If we adopt this habit of recycling today it will be beneficial for our generations tomorrow and this can only be done by creating awareness among people. We should teach children in schools to recycle materials and reuse them as much as they can. They should also celebrate Earth Day which will help in enhancing the knowledge of saving the mother Earth.

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