The First Telephone-1876

Alexander Graham Belll

Alexander Graham Bell was the first one to invent the telephone. This also created communcations. This was pretty much the main purpose of inventing the telephone. The telephone was a great invention because now we can talk to people from far distances. Also the telephone has improved so that now we have cell phones.

Light Bulb-1882

Thomas Edison

The first light bulb was created by thomas edison. If we didn't have this invention we would have a hard seeing in dark areas. The first light bulb was created in 1882. Edison was a very smart man for inventing this light bulb. Also thomas edison has became very rich off this.

The Automatic Dishwasher-1886

Josephine Cochrane

The first dishwasher was a great idea. It save a lot of time because then the people did have to was them by hand. The dishwasher has improved so much. Almost everyone  uses a dishwasher by this date. They have got stronger and can hold more dishes that you put in the washer. It has really hot water with soap mixed together.

The typewriter-1873

Christopher Sholes

The typewriter saved a lot of work back in the old days. They used typewriters for doing newspapers and other articles like that. It still took a long time but better than having to do it by hand. Now the typewriters have improved to printers and copiers. They used typewriters at school and at work. Christopher Sholes was a smart man to invent this so they didnt have to write it all out.

Automatic Lubricator-1872

Elijah McCoy

The automatic lubricator was used for steam engines. It made the steam engines to go faster. Which means they could get the goods and products that are needed faster. Also the automatic lubricator made it less maintance. Now the automatic lubricator is faster and gives out more grease. The more grease that it gives out the faster the train or engine will go.

First-hand held camera-1888

George Eastman

The first hand held camera was a great invention. People use them almost everyday of there life. The camera was in a wood box but now they are really tiny and they are put into phones. Also George Eastman was the founder of the Kodak Company. The brand of lot of hand held cameras are made by Kodak.

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