Thurgood Marshall was a hard earning man. He was famous because he was the first black justice of supreme court. Which was a big success back win segregation was going on.He was a desiring man he graduated from lincon University with honors. After he graduated he went to Howard University to study law which allowed him to also be the first black silictor general. He also holds a record of 14 out 19 cases won which gave him the best record of cases won. And also argued more cased then anyone in history also.

Many look up to Thurgood because he was a big contributions towards the cilvil right movement and etc. He was a hard working man during the time as it may seem he had been very helpful to end segregation he also was one of many to succeed during the time. Thurgood wasnt't into law after his brother was in to he after his father died he began to look up to his brother at a young age. Thurgood was asked by many to help draft the consitutions of emerging african nations. which was basically the black folks little goverment back when segregation was going on.Thurgood played a good and admiring role in the cilvil rights movement.

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