Longhorn Nation

The Perfect Society for All Texas Longhorns


  • Longhorn Nation is a democratic government
  • We elect a president that stays in office for 4 years, much like the United States
  • You have the freedom to choose what job you want to have in life


  • You must attend school all the way through college
  • We have one college, The University of Texas, which is divided into many different schools for every occupation
  • Every individual school has athletics, which compete against each other


  • You can choose what religion you want to have


  • Each  individual school at the University of Texas has its own athletic department
  • We have Professional sports league for every sport there is, and all of these leagues have many teams you can be picked by


  • The weather is sunny and 75 degrees during the day, and a cool 60 degrees at night
  • It rains two days each month spread apart from each other, so the plants, lakes, rivers, and animals can get water

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