what will help you in order to cheer.

In order to be a cheerleader you have to stretch at least once a day! You need to be flexible an stretch so you don't pull any muscles. You need to practice everyday for as long as you can! At least an hour per say a day. You need to be sharp! And toes pointed at all times when you do your jumps! Drink lots of water!

day 1: work on your fitness an stretch as much muscle as you can before you start to cheer. Workout for at least 5 minutes a day before you start cheering.

day 2: you start off with kicks (an be sure your with another person so you can try these events.)  Point your toes when you to your kicks! make sure your whole body is sharp!

day 3: just get to the point where your body isn't soar an you are in good enough shape to cheer.

By: Shala Clarke and Diana Chambers

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