Temperate Deciduous Forest

Karissa + Stephanie


eastern canada


These are some of the plants and animals that live in the temperate deciduous forest:

PLANTS: Oak tree, beech, maple, chestnut hickory, rhododendrons, lichen, azaleas.

ANIMALS: Bald eagle, black bear, coyote, eastern chipmunk, european red squirrel, white tailed dear, and least weasel.  


Summers usually range from a high of 70 degrees ferenheight and usually begins from early June and ends around the start of August. The winter months begin in December and are very cool with an average temperature thats just a bit below freezing cold. A fair group of temperate deciduous forests are located near the ocean/sea. Ocean and wind are two of the biggest factors on why the temperature and the climate is constantly changing throughout this particular biome.

Climate is a mix of temperature and precipitation. These forests normally have 14 inches of rain during the cold winter days and have more than 18 inches during the hot summer days.


This is spread throughout the year.during the cold winter months it is frozen and also unavailable to the animals. The animals that live that live in this biome have to adjust to the hot summer and the cold winter weather. The leaves start to fall when fall comes and makes it harder for the animals to hide from predators.

unique facts:

1. The soil is very nutritious in the temperate Deciduous forest biome.

2. Humans have built houses inside of the temperate deciduous forests. Also some humans have harvested wood for their timber. Because of all this more and more of these forests are disapearing and less are left.

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