Darin L. Hammond
I own ZipMinis Freelance Writing, where I am a professional blogger, writer, teacher, and consultant.

Darin L. Hammond

A Bit About Me

Stuff That Makes Me Tick

Learning Interests:   Blogging, reading, social media , leadership, entrepreneurialism, mind sciences

Work Experiences:  Entrepreneur in Construction Industry, Master's Degree in English and Professional Writing, University Advanced Writing Professor, Professional Blogger, Writer, and Mentor

ZipMinis Freelance Writing

ZipMinis: Science of Blogging is a dynamic website that reviews news and current events concerning ebooks, blogging, and social media. The reviews are brief, sharp, and insightful, and feature articles pursue topics in more depth. In addition, the site has two long form blogs: Blog Science and Brain Blog.

At ZipMinis Freelance Writing, we are digital marketers, professional writers, bloggers, and content strategists.

Our mission is: To better the lives of bloggers, writers, readers, and businesses worldwide through our writing. We pledge to exceed the needs of our clients with our writing, designing, publishing, teaching, and speaking.

ZipMinis Freelance Writing produces the highest quality writing, designing, teaching, and speaking. Darin L. Hammond draws upon 20 years of experience in the corporate world, professional writing, and university teaching.

We specialize in blog posts, information pages, copywriting, presentations, custom emails, white papers, and ebooks. Darin:

  • Writes and refines all of your content personally and professionally.
  • Provides you with a proven track record verifiable across the web.
  • Draws on an MA in English and knowledge from his PhD candidacy.
  • Applies 11 years of university advanced writing instruction.
  • Attracts your target traffic with power writing.
  • Earns you money in conversions and time.
  • Specializes in researching and writing your SEO content.
  • Works from 10 years experience in successful startups.
  • Darin L. Hammond is also a talented speaker and teacher and delivers speeches, seminars, workshops, and online custom courses. He is versatile and talented, adept with modern technology and media.

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    Our Family's home that I remodeled and landscaped. I also work from here at ZipMinis Freelance Writing.

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