Dmitri Mendeleev


He presented periodic table at Russian chemical society on March 6th 1869

Scientific Facts:

Left gaps in the table for elements that had not yet been discovered.

Arranged elements by atomic weight so that finding the proper element would be easier for future scientists.

Found that the elements arranged into groups and families with similar properties.

Got the idea to arrange the elements from a conference he attended in Germany where they stressed the importance of standardizing chemistry.

He wrote a 500 page chemistry textbook in 61 days. Called Organic Chemistry.

Showed with the table he made that some atomic weights measured incorrectly.

Through this new table he predicted the existence of eight new elements and predicted the properties these elements would have.

Other Facts:

Born in Tobolsk, Siberia on January 27, 1834.

Youngest of 17 children.

Died of pneumonia in St. Petersburg on January 20 1907.

Was a professor of general chemistry at the University of St Petersburg for 23 years.

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