Camille Gunderson
Team 7-3 Omaha Zoo
May 1, 2014

Your Zoo Adventure Starts Here!

Koi Fish originating from Japan now live everywere in the world

Koi Fish

Common Name: Koi Fish           

Scientific Name: Cyprinus carpio

Biome: Ponds in Japan              

Home Range: Originatied in Japan but now all over

Fish Adaptations                       Koi Fish Adaptation

1:) Gills                                     1:) Easily Adapts to edvierments

2:) Can lay many eggs               2:) Eats any food

3:) Fins and Tails                       3:) They can become freinds for a lifetime

4:) Scales                                 4:) Live for 30 Years

5:) Ectothermic                         5:) Found in every continent.

The Leaf Frog is able to blend into the trees as a hiding helper.

Leaf Frog

Common Name: Leaf Frog                           

Scientific Name: Phyllomedusa bicolor

Biome: Forests, In Trees                               

Home Range: Anazon Forest

Amphibian Adaptations                                Leaf Frog Adaptations

1:) Moist Skin                                                 1:) 3 to 4 in. of length

2:) Eyes on top of the body                             2:) Change color of skin

3:) Large mouth                                              3:) They like swamp like land

4:) Eggs have jelly like coating                         4:) Nocturnal

5:) Metamorphoris                                           5:) Can lay from 14 to 67 eggs per year

The Bumese Python is a very large animal as you can see here

Burmese Python

Common Name: Burmese Python               

Scentific Name: Python molurus bivittatus

Biome: Grassland and wooded land              

Home Range: Southwest Asia and Flordia

Reptiles Adaptation                                    Burmese Python Adaptation

1:) Scales                                                    1:) Can Grow up to 20 Feet long

2:) Have lungs                                              2:) Has no Fans

3:) Dry Thick skin                                         3:) Non - venomes

4:) Cold Blooded                                           4:) 2 Feet long when Hached

5:) Gets Energy From the Sun                        5:) Life for about 20 Years

The Burrowing Owl can live above ground and also underground. Burrowing his home

Burrowing Owl

Common Name: Burrowing Owl                   

Scientific Name: Athene cunlcularia

Biome: Open Flatland                                  

Home Range: United States (Native to North America)

Bird Adaptation                                         Burrowing Owl Adaptation

1:) Have Feathers                                         1:) Very good Hearing

2:) Most can Fly                                           2:) Long Legs

3) Worm Blooded                                         3:) Live in Holes in the Ground

4:) Hard Shelled Eggs                                   4:) Hunts all day and night

5:) Well devoloped brains                              5:) Grow up to 10 in. tall

The Amur Leopord Live normaly in Zoos becuse they are so endangered.

Amur Leopord

Common Name: Amur Leopord (Endangered Species)          

Scientific Name: Panthera pardus orientalis

Biome: Forest                                     

Home Range: Mountains, Forests in Aisa or Russia

Mammal Adaptation                           Amur Leopord Adaptation

1:) Four-Chambered Heart                   1:) Long Legs

2:) Warm Blooded                               2:) Thick Fur

3:) Nurse Their Young                          3:) Lives about 16 Years in the Wild

4:) Live anywere                                  4:) Jump 20 Feet in the Air

5:) Has Hair                                         5:) Nocturnal

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