Berlin Boxing Club by Robert Sharenow

The Berlin Boxing Club is a book about a young Jewish boy named Karl Stern. The book takes place in Nazi Germany Berlin just as Hitler was rising to power. Karl doesn't look like a typical Jewish boy, but some other kids at his school find out and harass him constantly. Karl's dad is good friends with the current world heavy weight champion boxer Max Schmeling who ends up training Karl to be a boxer. The Nazi violence escalates and Karl starts to think his hero is becoming one of them.   


1). "The weakest Punches are thrown with the tongue".

2). “Today you had a very important lesson on taking punches. A lot of people will tell you that the first thing you have to learn is how to take a punch. But I believe the first thing you should know is that you can take one and survive. A punch won't kill you. Conquering your fear is the first step to becoming a powerful fighter.”

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