Aliyah's Music Memory List

W. C. Handy

W.C Handy grew up in a log cabin. He was born in the year of 1875 and died in the year of 1975 . He grew up in Alabama with his mom and dad. They did not grow up with a lot of money. His father was a minister. William was a good student and enjoyed school. He always hoped to go to college someday.

The blues is music expressing man’s relationship to man. Blues often are jazz style and usually sad. W.C Handy is known as the father of the blues. He was the first person to publish the blues. Handy published ‘’St.Louis Blues”.

I don’t like the blues music. I like todays style of music. I don’t like the style of music from along time ago. I don’t hate their music I just can’t find a interest in it. I’m sure that a lot of people like them but it’s just my opinion.

Carl Orff

  • Born in Germany.
  • Carl Orff was a German composer

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