Mesopotamia Inventions


A circler object that turns for what ever is needed.Thought to first be the potters wheel but than they turned it on its side. Used for chariots, carts, and the potters wheel.


A sort of cart that stood on two wheels and was pulled by horses. Some times used in wars were riders can shoot arrows from there chariot. People on chariots in a war are called cavalry.


A type of farming that helped control the water from the rivers. In Mesopotamia there are a lot of floods and droughts. With irrigation you can control the water so those floods and droughts wont mess up your crops.


A kind of writing used by the Mesopotamian. To write cuneiform  people use a stick with a slanted end called a stylist. If a student does good in school they may become a scribe. Cuneiform can be used for religions beliefs to write on the zigrrat walls. It is also used when trading.  


A solid building material made of mud and reeds. To make bricks people would take mud and crushed reeds, mix them together, and than leave them out in the sun to dry. Bricks can be used to build houses, walls, and zigrrats.


A farming tool used to dig a groove for planting seeds. This device is pulled by oxen.


A musical string instrument that looks kind of like a harp. It is played by plucking or strumming the strings.


A type of weaving tool with a bunch of strings and a large stick. Used to make rugs, blankets, and clothes.

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