Bullets to ballots

Nick Jean
Mr. Lee
G period

1- who was involved and who had the power?

Guatemala Government, Guerilla Soldiers, Peasants, United States of America, and Army and the wealthy. The army and the wealthy had all the power in the beginning of the game.  They had power over their own government, which is never good in a real life situation.

2-  How did the power shift and why?

The power shifted from treaty's and agreements. Groups would negotiate and make deals and create alliances. The united states tried making treaty's with every group but no one signed them at all.

3- How was cooperation and conflict shown?

Conflict was shown with groups making treaty's. Conflict was shown by certain groups not sticking with the treaty's they 'agreed' on. For example the government made a treaty with the peasants to make them wealthier and not dirt poor. That helped the government in the end to win the election. For conflict the US tried making treaty's with almost everyone, but they didn't stick to their word and that didn't help them in the end because they didn't win.

4- What role did the US have on this situation?

The United States was wealthy and powerful. Not as strong as the Army but the US was still pretty powerful. They tried taking part in a lot of treaty's but it didn't exactly work out real well. They were pretty smart as well, the treaty's they were making and using were pretty good but not good enough. Overall throughout the game they were just smart and decent at making treaty's.

5-   What happens to a country when power shifts, is the effect positive or negative?

For example, the peasants were affected positively throughout the shifts of power. When the Government took over and won the election, it made the peasants wealthier and not dirt poor. Also it got the Guerilla soldiers out of prison and free. So the Guerillas weren't prisoners and locked in a cell. For the US it only affected them with not having ultimate power. With the Army and wealthy, they lost all the power which stinks. They had all the power in the country and they lost it all and the Government took back over.

6-   Apply this information to YOUR LIFE! What relationships do you have in your life, how are cooperation and conflict evident? Provide a minimum of 2 examples.

One example of conflict and cooperation is with my family. Specifically my Mom and Dad, I argue with them but at the same time we get along most of the time. We'll argue about something stupid, then cooperate and fix the problem and we're back to normal with zero fighting. With my friends we wrestle and argue but in the end it's always good and nothing serious ever happens. We have a really strong friendship. Lastly with my siblings we argue and fight all the time about stupid stuff but we fix it and everything is nice and back to normal. So the main people in my life, we have conflict and cooperation all the time.

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