#kettner #Tech32

By:Kaylie D.

Me in my room messing around

Where do I go to be by myself?

I go to my room to be by myself because that is where I get the most privacy away from my family if I want some alone time.

What makes me happier?

The things that make me happier are my family and friends and of course my dogs or if I don't want to play with my friends or family I still sit with them but I either read or draw.

Me and my mom in Denver colorado

What makes me the most embarrassed?

What make me the most embarrassed is when I have to present in front of people and in front of my classmates.

Standing in front of people

How I came up with the name of my first pet?

When I had my first pet dog me and my mom came up with the name Ginger but I was so little that I needed a little help with the name so my mom helped out.

What  I will always consider my home?

I will always consider my home where I live right now in Spokane Valley,Washington even though I have my dad and step-mom and sister who live in Puyallup, Washington.