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Caroline O'Hara


  • Wear loose fitting gowns. It protects you from the sun, dirt, and sand.
  • Use camels for transportation. They can go days without any food or water.  
  • People have herds for wool, yogurt, milk, cheese, and sometimes meat.
This is a caravan. A caravan is a group of people traveling together for mutual protection, often with pack animals such as camels


  • They grow palm trees and use the palm wood for their houses.
  • Oases is a good place to farm

The Coastal Plain

  • multiple rocky cliffs
  • air is damp
  • rains regularly  


  • Make their houses out of mud bricks.
  • farmed on steep slopes
  • stone walls were made to irrigate the land.
Terrances were built so farmers could farm on flat ares of land.

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