Southern Colo nies Region

I'm growing it.

by: Erin Bremerman

The colonies in the South region are, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina,Virginia and Maryland.

This is our Tobacco, it's the main source of where our money comes from.

In my region, we usually have mild winters, and hot, humid summers. The benefits of this is that, The warm climate makes it possible to grow crops throughout the year. The land is flat and the soil is rich. Tobacco and rice are the two most important cash crops. The cold climate helps reduced spread disease.

This is our cotton that we grow so we can make our clothes from.

The agriculture is great here, we have lots of farmers that have heathy animals and helps grow plenty of cash crops to store during the winter. Another thing is traders who helps us out a lot with food, clothing, and more. They make sure that we have the right amount of stuff for the winter.

This is one of the Ship Building that we built from some of our Timber.

 Our industry is Tobacco,Cotton,Rice,Timber and Naval supplies.

Descripiton below.

These are our states for the South, They are close together so it is easy to get to state to state in the South. Also, all of the states have the same objectives so you can go to any of the South states and have the same things so you do not have to worry to find the right state for you! :)

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