The Seven Themes of
Catholic Social Teaching
By: Hayley

Life and Dignity of the Human Person:

We often think that if we need something than we have to fight to get it, but we are wrong. WAR IS NOT THE SOLUTION! We need to find peaceful ways to get what we want. We also should not commit abortion, we need to find other things that can help care for people. Lastly, we shouldn't punish criminals by killing them. We could start programs to help the people that are in trouble. helps people to find solutions to conflict. They raise funds for their programmers and  offer management support and advice.

Call to Family, Community, and Participation:

We need to support marriage and family life, because that is what God wants us to do. We must make sure that the laws that are made are fair to everyone, and not only to people that have certain rights. Everyone should have a chance to be in society and to vote. We should make sure that everyone, especially the poor, are being cared for. We need to make our world a safe place for our communities.

Human Life International

Rights and Responsibilities:

Everyone in our world has the right to have food, clothing, water,and shelter. No one should be deprived of any of these things. The poor should be tended immediately and given these items. Everyone should feel loved and treated with equal rights.

The Garmeen Foundation

Option for the Poor and Vulnerable:

There is a huge difference in the rights of the poor and the rich. There shouldn't be! We should make sure that the poor and vulnerable feel that they are equal to everyone else. We should always work o the needs of the poor before the rich. They the living essentials more than us.

Food for the Poor

The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers:

In order to live people need money, and in order to ave money people need to have a job. The work people do is also a way to participate in of God's creation. We must protect the workers' rights. The jobs people get should include safe conditions and getting paid a fair amount. Workers should also be able to talk about and fix problems at their job.

The Spielberger Law Group


Everyone is equal no matter what skin color we have, what religion we follow, where we are from, if we are male or female etc. Everyone in our world is one family. We are all brothers and sisters and must love everyone on a global level. --Solidarity means "promoting peace in a world full of fighting."--

Care for God's creation:

We should always show respect for God. One way we can do that is by taking care of his creation. We are all called by God to protect his planet and everything living thing in it. We should try to live in peace and harmony with all of God's creation. "Caring for the earth is an ethical issue, not just and Earth Day slogan."

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