Wyatt Binkley PD#1 and 2

My Journey

Coming into high school i had a goal of becoming a 4.0 student, and all of you should have that goal. I tried my hardest to achieve that goal and my motto is to never give up. But half way through this semester I figured out with sports and all the work it wasn't going to happen. So then my goal was to have A's and B's. To say the least I didn't reach that goal either. In my opinion high schools first semester beat me. But next semester i am going to get all my work done and be ahead of the game. I hope you start your new journey off like I am starting my second semester off so you don't learn the hrs way like me.

My advice to you

  1. Always do your work.
  2. When there is a chance for extra credit do it because you never know when you will need it.
  3. Never procrastinate doing your work .
  4. Try to get involved in any club or sport to stay active and socialize with friends.
  5. Try to stay out of trouble.
  6. Study more than usual.
  7. Make the most of your resources.
  8. Have good attendance because it really does matter.
  9. Have a good attitude towards school.
  10. Get enough rest so you wont be tired in school and have your full attention to school.
  11. Always try and do your best.
  12. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.
  13. Always participate in class discussion.
  14. Set goals.
  15. Be respectful to your teachers and your peers.
  16. Pass your classes because it isn't like middle school, if you fail you take it over until you pass the class.
This is a very true quote so follow it.

My goals in life

My goals for life are to pass high school with a good grade so I can have a good paying job. Some of the jobs I am interested in are Air Force, Electrical Lineman, and a Crane Operator. All these jobs use math a lot so my goal is to take all the math classes i can to help me with these jobs. And I would need to take some science to help with the theory of electricity for the Electrical Lineman job. My other goal is to go to Prosser and do diesel mechanics so I can have further knowledge on diesel motors so I can work on trucks and it could add another job option for me.

This speech really motivates me. And I think every one should look these up because I believe it really does motivate you.

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