Crocodiles the Dinosaurs of Today

By: Grant F.

This tackk contains vital information on crocodiles. You must read so you know what to expect from a crocodile attack.


Will tell you what a crocodile looks like. They have thin mouths and hard leathery skin. Crocodiles have a long strong tail. Some crocodiles grow up to be 19.5 feet long, but the average male grows up to about 16 feet long. The average female can grow up to be about 10 feet long.

How They Hunt

Here are some of the ways a crocodile hunts.

Here are some of the ways a crocodile hunts. One of the ways is the death roll. The death roll is where the crocodile bites its prey, pulls it under the water, and spins. This is done to drown the prey. Crocodiles are nocturnal and hunt at night. They can see in the dark. Otherwise, they would have a hard time hunting.

Crocodiles ambush their prey. They wait in still murky water. They also have a third eyelid that’s clear so they can see under water. A crocodile can clamp its mouth down so hard it’s like a 12 ton weight is on you! They have surprisingly good hearing and are fast runners. Some types of crocodile can run 35-45 miles per hour, but only for a short distance. They can jump twice there length of their bodies.

What They Eat

They eat a variety of things. For example baby crocodiles eat bugs, rats and small fish. Big crocodiles eat larger animals, fish, birds, deer and even sometimes cows!


Crocodiles live in murky rivers/lakes and in marshes. For example they live in the everglades and other tropical places. Sometimes people buy baby crocodiles as pets, and then when they get to big they let them loose in other places. This can be harmful to other animals.

That’s all I have to say about crocodiles. I hope you learned some stuff!