UK Pro.Solutions Ltd

Doing any thing at the internet just imagine !

UK Pro. Solutions was Established in 2006 by the CEO, Mr. Tarek Abdel Kader who held several business improvement roles before establishing the company. He holds an engineer masters degree from Manchester’s university and a Black Belt certificate in Six Sigma.

The company provides business solutions and software solutions, it is based in UK and has other four branches in the US, Egypt and Kuwait. Our team is comprised of 400+ hard working, experiences professionals and we have saved our clients from 20% to 25% of their annual costs.

From our customers: The Commercial bank of Kuwait, National Health services UK, The financial service authority UK, California general hospital USA, Bridge for constructing and property development, Petro services drilling overseas.


Our Mission is to implement new technologies and new improvements in order to support your business process, to cut costs, and increase efficiency by providing the best business solutions that will exceed your expectations and add customers’ satisfaction and build long term relationship.


Our vision is to support business maintain Success and achieve financial stability by creating our business Number One in the market and to support clients all over the world with ultimate Technology and highest quality service.

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