There are many types of modeling. Two of the most common types are body building and swim suit models.  

What are the effects of steroids?

Steriods can cause acne. Depending on what the steroid is and what the dosage is determines how bad the acne is. The biggest problem people find with steroids, is that the brain signals the testicles to slow down or even stop producing the production of testosterone which can cause the penis and testicles to shrink. A good effect of steroids is that steroids increase your drive ,or ambition and steroids also produce mass muscle gain.

Plastic Surgery on Models

Many people, men and women both, decide to get plastic surgery when they decide to go into the modeling business. They want the "perfect" image, but many times there are horrible side effects. When someone gets liposuction in their thighs or stomach, it destroys the fat cells there. This means eventually when they put weight back on, it transfers to less flattering areas like the upper abdomen, back, and/or arm areas. Also a simple tummy-tuck can make the thighs or breasts look very out of proportion. There is also a lot of stress while going through surgery. This can cause lack of sleep and mood changes.

What are some Benefits of Modeling?

There are many negative effects that can come with modeling, but what are some positive effects of modeling. Modeling can cause you to have the drive to keep in shape. It can cause women to want to and actually keep a slim figure. It can cause men to want to and actually keep their muscular and "manly" figure. Modeling can cause you to meet people who share the same interests as you and can also promote you for bigger jobs, which will make you more money.

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