Christmas Activities

My Christmas tree

Make a word Christmas tree and decorate it with whatever you wish

If I
decorate my
Christmas tree
with whatever I want
I would decorate it with
hugs smiles,music and books,
snowflakes, snowmen, hot chocolate,
homemade cookies and bedtime stories.
I'd put up all my love and on top of it my dreams.
This is

Gingerbread Man

Cut out paper gingerbread men and give instructions so that students can decorate them.

Gingerbread man's  right eye is a star.
Its left eye is a snowflake.
Its mouth is a half moon.
It has got socks on its hands and mittens on is feet.
It's got cherries for buttons and a candy for a tie.

Mittens Relay

Divide the students in two teams and give each team a pair of mittens.
Dictate a song named "Warm Mittens" so that everyone has to write one line with the mittens on.
The team that finishes first is the winning team.

I wiggle my left hand,
I wiggle my right,
inside of my mittens,
so warm and so tight.
I wiggle my pinkie.
I wiggle my thumb,
so when I make snowballs,
my hands don't get numb.