Energy Effecient House

Energy efficiency is described by Lawrence Berkly National Labratory as " using less energy for the same service." An example of this is having a light bulb that is 80% heat and 20% light compared to a light bulb the is 70% light and 30% heat. And because heat creates the light and it costs to create thermal energy having a light bulb that is more light and less heat saves money and energy. There are many ways you can be energy efficient in your home ranging from turning off appliances, solar energy and many more which will be explained.

Insulation is used to stop heat from coming into the house. Insulation acts as a external barrier preventing the heat entering and either reflecting the heat or absorbing the incoming heat. The insulation material in my house will be compact glass wool. Glass wool is molten fibreglass that is spun like fairy floss into wirey wool. This works as the fibres trap air from coming through preventing the heat to penetrate vary far as each air pocket is isolated and the glass wool isn't a conductor of heat.

What will you use for electricity? The type of electrical appliances I will use is any with an energy rating of 5 stars or more and the required appliances are a toaster, oven, stove, fridge, computer, television, dishwasher, laundry, dryer and a energy saving deep freezer.

My house will be water efficient as it will have a water tank outside that would store the fallen rain water then I would be re-using water. Another way I would be saving water is would would install water efficient shower heads and fix leaking taps that waste excess water. I would also re-use grey water and find ways to minimise the amount of water used in washing cars or cleaning pathways.

I will allow for airflow by having windows with curtains. And in the morning I won't open the windows though when it gets hotter and the temperature is warmer in the house I will open the windows and allow airflow. The reason for this as proved in my investigation is that windows are great and allow for convection to occur which decreases the temperature though only at certain times of the day it is relevant. For example in the morning when the inside of the house is cooler you wouldn't open the windows as hot air would come inside. Though string the day when heat begins to get trapped inside you would open the windows allowing the cooler air to come in.

I would orientate my house so my doors and windows would be on the North and South sides as the sun rises and sets East to West so these points would get the most direct sunlight. Therefore having windows and doors which allow heat to come in being orientated where the most direct sunlight is would be a bad idea.

I would orientate my garden according to where my windows and doors are positioned and East and West this way it would block the main  sunlight and the sunlight where the doors and windows are positioned this would  cool the area around them so effectively  cooling the house. And the types of plants I would have in my garden is trees positioned East, West and where windows and doors are. Also in the other places plants that don't rely on much water and fruit and vegetable trees or plants that way I could be sustainable.

The size of my windows would be an medium size as I don't want too much hot air coming through in the morning and a really warm, humid day though I do want my windows big enough so when the inside of the house is warmer than outside it will allow enough cool air to circulate me in and decrease the temperature of the house.

Other things I will do to make my house efficient and sustainable is having mini wind turbines creating energy and electricity for the house. Also on the roof of my house I will have solar panels for solar electricity. Plus I will use flurosecent light bulb as are more efficient in using more light than heat

Use this link to find out how to save energy in each room of your home.

The source below gives ways to save water in your home.


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