Spritz lets you read 900 words a minute

So the other day my dad sent me a link that I thought I would share with all of you.. its called Spritz and its amazing. Its an app in process that changes the speed of how you read, by showing you only a brief part of the word or phrase. People can process the words much faster this way, and reading comprehension doesn't take a dive either; people passed comprehensive tests afterwards with flying colors. The average adult reads at around 250 words per minute. At a speed of 900 words per minute you could read War and Peace in under ten hours. I took a reading test a few weeks ago and I'm able to read around 700 words per minute (without using spritz) but I doubt I could keep up such a rapid pace for long. Spritz however has had a user read steadily for almost 2 hours, and they only had to stop because they had to pee. Right now the company is pairing with Samsung to release the technology on their new digital watches, we could see major changes in the way we read within a few years.