Although you may not know what those japanese letters mean it stands for freedom. That's what transcendentalism really about being yourself being free to chose the life you want and to do as you please. The reason I chose japanese letters and this image to express this is because it's a great attention getter with the colors and irregular letters and grabs your attention when you see it. It makes you stop and look at it and wonder what it says and means. well if you are reading this then it worked. Anyways the reason i'm telling you this is because I believe in freedom and individualism and that every person should have a choice as to what they want to do in life. What do you think comment below and tell me what do u believe in?

This is a image of the wings of freedom symbol. This image represents humanities evolution and that potential to become even more majestic than we are now. It shows that we can soar to the greater heavens above us and that we can always make improvements in our life style. but this image also shows that even though mankind has many many flaws it also has the potential to surpass what we comprehend and break the boundaries and the limits set by those who spread the corruption.

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3 years ago

Good beliefs kyle