5 Tips to internet saftey

first tip don't trust people you don't know on the internet they could be creeps they can say one thing but it might mean something totally different. Like in this photo he might be saying he's the same age as you but he might be like 24 or older.

with social networking don't give out much about you otherwise you might regret it later on like this pie chart tons of people get their selfes in troble every day because so many people have social networks like Facebook and twitter.

When your for say planing a game online and they win a battle and brag or say something about you or your family and you want to throw a fit don't just keep your calm and carry on.

don't be a bully to others on the internet you may think they'll let it roll off your back but you are actully making them upset and hurting them in one way or another.

Another tip about online saftey do not post too much or somthing inapropreite otherwise you could get yourself in trouble.

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