Personalised Car Insurance Policies

Car insurance is a policy that is purchased by any vehicle owner in order to mitigate costs that are associated with the repairs of the vehicle in case of an accident or damage. Instead of paying out of your own pocket, the policy holders pay annual premiums to a specific auto-insurance company, which in return agrees to pay for the damage cost incurred due to the accident.

There are several different insurance firms that offer auto-insurance for the vehicle you own or are about to purchase. However, not every insurance company offers customised policies for the specific make and the model of your car. Thankfully, Royal Sundaram offers you several different auto-insurance policies depending on the car type. Below-mentioned are different types of policies based on the vehicle manufacturer.

1) Hyundai

After putting in lakhs of your hard-earned cash into purchasing a new car, it does not seem very prudent not to have it secured, a single minor accident with a car can cause you thousands, or sometimes, lakhs of rupees to cover the damages. Therefore, make sure that you apply for a Hyundai insurance policy from Royal Sundaram, which is personalised for covering every aspect of Hyundai cars.

2) Maruti

Royal Sundaram offers personalised insurance known as the Maruti Suzuki insurance, which is specifically designed to secure Maruti vehicles in India. This policy provides you with factors such as free 24x7 roadside assistance (RSA) facility and a dedicated personal relationship manager. So make sure you have this insurance to enjoy your long drives worry-free.


Readers would be happy to know that Royal Sundaram provides the tech-age online car insurance solutions for all commercial vehicles that are registered and sold by the Indian vehicle giant Tata. Make sure that you go through this comprehensive insurance policy designed specifically for your attending all the needs of your Tata car.