Oil Spill Area Tackk

Area of Picture the A Oil Spill:

Answer: 29,807.39 miles

How did I approach the problem of finding the Area of the oil spill?

Answer: I approached the problem of solving this problem by. First I divided the Oil Spill in to Rectangles and Triangles that where is easy to measure. Then, I proceeded to measure all 21 of the shapes with in Oil Spill. How I measured the shapes was I measured the base and with of the shapes as best as I could. After that I multiplied the cm version  of the oil spill measurements by 15 because the scale was 1 cm: 15 miles. Then, I multiplied the mile measurements by one another to find the area of a rectangle. For, the triangles I added the extra step of dividing the area of the rectangle by 2, to find my triangular area. Lastly, I added all of the areas of all my shapes together with my calculator to find the total area of 29,807.39 miles squared.

Do you think your area is an exact measure of the space affected by the spill?

I think my area is not EXACT but I think is fairly close to what it should be. Your area is never going to be EXACT because to make straight lines of the shapes you have to shave of some of the area.

How accurate do you think your polygons compare to the actual spill area? Do you expect your answer to be more or less than the actual spill area?

I think my polygons I chose to represent the oil spill, are going to be fairly accurate because the way I drew the polygons where fairly close to taking all of the space of the oil spill. I think my answer will be; a little less than the correct answer because some of my triangles; I had to shave off some of the curves of where a straight line had to be.